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The difference between marketing and branding

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

For a brand, from building an identity to staying unique in the market, a brand's ride is no less than a roller coaster ride. There are so many terms that a brand needs to use and shape for a successful business, but differentiating between these terms is what we call the actual task.

The need to get the answer to the most asked question about the difference between marketing and branding is crucial in understanding the core concepts of running a brand.

There are so many brands in the market, many of you haven't heard of. But when you ask in a particular community, they will name a brand, and you will see how much is the competition, how much the stakes have risen, how much the trend has been copied, and how the existence in the market has become a task.

To survive in the market, you must be clear on where you want to see your brand shortly. In addition, you need to be clear on the terms that will decide the future of your product or service i.e., marketing and branding.

The difference between marketing and branding

Whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or a built brand in the market, you may at times get confused between marketing and branding. There is a chance that you are specific about both the terms and for that reason, it is imperative to ensure that the teams who are assigned the tasks of branding and marketing know what they are up to and how their plans align with the brand's success.

Let us move step by step and dedicate this day to learning marketing vs. branding.



You will find many definitions on the internet, and I’m not going to reiterate them here

instead, I will ensure that I state the concepts that will stay with you for the longest.

Marty Neumeier, a renowned brand gap author, has made great contributions when it comes to defining brand and design. The connection he had built between brand and branding helped the owners to move on the ladder of success. I will not hide the fact that my beliefs of brand walk side-by-side with those of him.

Same as many other experts agree, Marty Neumeier has also defined that it is the customer who defines your brand. You, as an owner of the product, have the liberty to work on the logo and name. But once you are done with that, it is about time you start working on the aspects that will resonate with the feelings of the customers.

The primary difference between branding and marketing is how long you want to have the customer. Once your brand is connected with the people on emotional levels, you will have the customer forever whereas in marketing, you are targeting people for passive sales.

Your brand and its branding should not stop at any point but must stay as a work in progress. Every time your brand exceeds the expectation of the buyer, it is a signal that you should work even harder to make the next purchase more seamless, outshining the customer's hopes and expectations.

Remember, when your brand has the ability to serve par the expectation of the customer, you do not only get a long-term customer but you encourage your customer to be your voice. Their attachment to the brand helps you as they spread your name in their sit-ins.

The bottom line is: you can work hard on your brand’s originality but if you do not take the audience seriously, there never will come a time for branding.

Both the brand and branding are standing on the base of customers. With the efforts of the owner and strategist, the image can be improved, but it is the people whose feelings make the actual difference – their trust makes the brand what it needed to be.


Great, you have a brand, you have set an identity for it, but no one knows about it? Is it possible? Yes!

It is precisely where marketing comes in; you create a brand, you develop its identity using the pillars of branding, and then you release it in the market using extraordinary tactics to make sure that it creates the desired impact.

In simple words, marketing is introducing your brand and its features to the right audience. It is how you ensure that people know about your brand. Marketing and branding both are mandatory, but of course, they are not interchangeable.

Marketing is designed in campaigns, and the sole purpose is to generate sales. Moreover, marketing is designed to get business, stay in the market, and make as much profit as possible.

The purpose of branding is the same too but the difference lies in the way of targeting the right market.


The primary difference between branding and marketing lies in the way they target the audience.

Marketing plays with impulsive decisions, whereas branding generates sales by connecting with the audience (preferably at an emotional level).

Branding ensures a trustworthy relationship between the seller and the customer. And that’s the reason why the loyalty of the customer is important to any brand and it’s needless to say that it’s actually the branding that helps build that relationship. With the correct branding, if a lasting impression is made on the audience, the brand might not always need to have marketing campaigns to generate sales.

Emotions play a vital role in branding while on the other hand, marketing focuses on

targeting the right audience and market.

Bottom line: Branding and Marketing go hand in hand and a brand is nothing if either of them is missing.


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